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Anadrole Reviews: Recover Faster and Pack on Some Serious Size Gains!

Anadrole by Crazy Bulk is popular among bodybuilder as an anabolic steroid alternatives to Anadrol that increase muscle mass. It is used for the purpose of muscle bulking and stamina pumping.

As this oral Anadrol 50 substitute start gaining its popularity, the pros and cons start debating whether or not this product has side effects that might occur as result of its usage.

Keep reading and you will find out interesting facts about this Anadrol legal steroids pills.

What Is Anadrole

Anadrole is a the most powerful muscle building supplement manufactured by Crazy Bulk that will help bodybuilders to gain maximum strength and stamina, fast recovery and kick-starting gains since the very beginning of the cycle.

The designed formula will enhance body strength, give long-lasting and explosive energy, reduce fatigue and also ensure the rapid development of bulk and lean muscles by giving them enough nutrients needed. Crazy Bulk Anadrole is 100% legal and save alternative of the widely known muscle building steroid Anadrol 50 (Anapolon/Oxymetholone).

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Anadrole Ingredients and How It Works

Anadrole is formulated using five main ingredients and each of them will be explained below.

The first ingredient of Anadrole is Tribulus Terrestris. It is an herbal extract which functioned as a booster to increase natural testosterone level. Increased testosterone level will result in increasing workout performance, athletic stamina and motivation. That means more power and energy.

The second is Whey Protein Concentrate. Protein is the main substance needed for muscle growth and recovery. As this whey protein is in concentrate form, it allows the substance to be quickly absorbed.

Shilajit is the third ingredient of Anadrole. This unique substance is function as muscle builder, fat burner and metabolism increaser. It brings more electrons into electron transport chain which enhance performance and endurance that allows bodybuilder to do harder and longer work out.

The forth ingredient is Soy Protein Isolate. This compound has a similar function as whey protein concentrate, to enhance recovery and growth of the muscle. Soy protein isolate is a plant based protein which is believed to be more powerful than whey protein in building lean, hard muscle.

The last ingredient is Acetyl L-Carnitine. This compound enables body building enthusiasts to gain some weight without putting on any fat. That is made possible by its ability to carry fatty acid into mitochondria to be used as fuel. Thus, it will help in improving muscular endurance and fat loss as well as reducing biomarkers of muscle damage

Stacking and Dosing

Stacking steroids is a common practice amongst body building enthusiasts and athletes. With a smart and proper combination, stacking will lead to better result. For best result, Anadrole is best stacked with others Crazybulk supplements: Decaduro (Deca Durabolin), D-Bal (Dianabol) and Trenorol (Trenbolone).

As legal version of Dbol, D-bal is best known with ability to increase nitrogen retention (essential element needed for muscle gains and repair) in muscle tissue. Decaduro is function as the enhancer of nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and red blood cell production. This supplement also helps soothing aching joints that might occur after an intense workout. Trenorol is used as vascular booster which helps unveiling a hard, defined and muscular look.

Recommended dosage of Crazy Bulk Anadrole being used alone is two capsules per dose, to be taken with water approximately 20 minutes before breakfast. For a maximum result, it is suggested to take two months cycle with recommended dosage above and followed by one and a half week off-cycle. At the end of second or third week of usage, do not forget to evaluate your body tolerance toward this product.

While stacking Anadrole, please be notice that it is better to vary the combination of one cycle and another. Get the most appropriate combination and dosage online by clicking your most trusted health sites. Make sure that you follow the prescribed dosage given. Taking overdose supplement will not enhance its result but rather, it will bring harm to your body.

It is important for bodybuilders who use Crazy Bulk Anadrole to maintain healthy diet and exercise program. Nutritious meals which contain high protein are suggested to be taken while taking the cycle. Avoid meals which contain high sodium, such as in preserved foods and fast foods, and sugar.

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Anadrole Results


I just finished my first month on Anadrole, I’ve been skinny and have a hard rims gaining weight and figured I’d give your product a shot, I was at a stand still of weighing 147 pounds and couldn’t seem to get past their until I took your product.

I eat about 5,000 calories a day of all rich protein and carbs while keeping the fat to a minimum.

Since taking your product I now weigh a steady 156 every morning. I started only being able to bench press 105 pounds and I’ve been able to bench 135 and even hit a max of 150 for one rep.

I used to hammer curl 25 pounds I now can do it with 40’s. My before squat was 125 I now can hit 145. I’m currently trying to save enough for a bulking stack so I can try to hit my goal of weighing 175 by the end of the year.

I loved the product and my girlfriend didn’t seem to mind the only side effect I got, if you catch my drift.

I’m definitely going to purchase agin in the future, I already have my buddies looking at your products as well.

Thank you. From a non believer in your product into a believer.

Pros and Cons

Before making a decision to use Anadrole, it would be wise to know both negative and positive side of Crazy Bulk Anadrole usage.


  • It is a 100 % legal and save steroid supplement
  • It offers risk free benefits in promoting muscle gain, boosting oxygen level and metabolism, and fastens the recovery process
  • It is proven to give a rapid result within less than two weeks
  • It offers usage convenience and effectiveness (no needle and prescription needed)
  • It is offered with free delivery worldwide


  • It is not appropriate for soy allergic people as it contains soy protein isolate
  • It is not appropriate for vegans as it is using gelatin capsules
  • It might trigger hepatic malfunction as the result of misapplication
  • It can only be purchased online

Anadrole Price and Best Place To Buy

You can’t buy Anadrole at GNC, Amazon, Walgreens, CVS despite looking in the under legal steroids sections, but you might not want to miss limited-hours special discount offered by Crazy Bulk. It reduces the price as much as $25.01 from its original price for every Anadrole purchase.

This supplement is offered to you for $54.99 per bottle of 60 capsules. With $2.18 for per day dosage (two capsules), it is worthy to be taken as this product will help you get the expected body muscle. To complete the two-month suggested cycle, all you need is two bottle of 120 capsules.

As promised to be a save alternative supplement, this product is formulated using safe and natural ingredients. The improved formula being applied to this Anadrol 50 alternative maintains the production level of natural testosterone. It is also said to help maintaining a balance hormone levels within the users body. What are you waiting for? Click the link below and get your Anadrole.

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